• “While looking at a framed print of a seagull flying away on a stormy day, I thought to myself, Wow! It would be nice if this picture had water running down it!” - Waterfall Frames


863Waterfall frames allow you to add the effect of flowing water to photos, mirrors, artworks prints, etc… This display is not only the reinvention of the picture frame but also the only wall fountain that the owner can change the scenery of when desired. This website allows you to self-design your own waterfall frame display. Feel free to select from our customer-preferred prints or upload and send us your own favorite photo print to be water sealed and framed. Along with the photos and prints being interchangeable we offer a beautiful framed beveled mirror insert that shines and glimmers brightly as running water smoothly flows down the surface. So if you like, enjoy the sights and sounds of a moving waterfall scenery during the day and then change to a soothing mirror display in the evening or vice versa.

Each frame comes with a choice of colored waterproof led lights that glow in the dark and reflect a moving light display on nearby ceilings, walls and floors.

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  • Picture Wall Fountain

  • Beveled Mirror Waterfall

  • Free Standing Full Length Mirror Fountain